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Yes, once you have your profile up then you can apply directly with one click from our site.

Simply check the job alerts box on your candidate profile and you will be able to get your job alerts immediately.

On your candidate dashboard you will find the applied jobs tab to view all of the jobs you have applied to.

We have an apply with Facebook button so you can do this. If you don’t have your information on Facebook then you should take the time to so that.

Yes, you can submit your resume to employers directly. It is best that you ensure all of your information is accurate before you start sending out your resume.

Most employers will use a service such as Facebook, Messenger, Sykpe or other service to conduct their interviews.  It is important to know how the employer would like to interview you and test your connections. See more about interview knowledge to learn how to best interview.

If this happens then you can file a report to this email with as much information and proof you can provide.


When submitting your information it is up to the individual to have your information, dates and experience 100% accurate. This information is the same as you would get to apply to an embassy for a visa or work permit.

You can supply the employer with all or any of your documents, however, keep in mind that it is the employer who owns the job and makes the hiring decisions. We suggest that you supply employers with as much information as they require to make informed buying choices

There are usually some expenses for your processing. These are generally limited to, passports, police reports, resume writing services, language tests, education credentials, medical fees, Citizenship and Immigration fees, VAC fees, and in many cases airfare.

There are several types of programs. In some programs the airfare is covered by the employer and in some programs the airfare is covered by the individual. It is best to check with CIC to find further information

In Canada there are currently no provinces in which it is legal to pay for a job offer

Yes, you can pay a Canadian lawyer or immigration consultant. It is important to ensure that they are licensed before you sign up with them. You can submit your own application from information found on the CIC website or at a VAC center.

To gather all of your documents you can review the information on the CIC website or visit a CIC center for an information package.

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